All siblings irrespective of age/ stage are booked into lesson times
which run concurrently.

Bookings for multiple series
may also be done in advance.

Here’s how:




Access ALL information required before making a booking by clicking on the orange tabs and noting details relevant to your family’s needs:
Class Descriptions
Series Dates and Times
How to Book
Contact Us




Login and register your contact details using the Register / Log-in link above at the top orange menu bar.



Follow the prompts provided under the green tabs to fill your cart with the family’s requirements:
Pre-Primary Classes
School Age Classes
Children of all Ages
Training Groups
Adult Classes
Springboard Diving Classes



Check out the contents of your cart and make payment.

For further clarification to Log-in and Registration procedures refer to How to Book.

How To...

To assist you in understanding how to complete certain sections of our website we have devised this "How To" page for your convenience.

How To... Register a student for their lesson/s

To register a student for a Southern Cross-Swimstruct class, you will be required to have a Southern Cross-Swimstruct account.

To have an account select the REGISTER link at the top right of this page in the Blue navigation bar.

Enter the required information to register yourself.

Once your registration is successful you will be taken to your My Account page whereby you can modify your details, address and view your bookings (once placed).

How To... Book and Pay for student's lesson/s


Before you book any classes you will need to have registered an account with Southern Cross-Swimstruct, follow the steps above.


In this step you will be required to select your student/s required class/es. This can be done by searching the various available classes from the orange coloured navigation bar above.

Click the "Add to Cart" button.

Once you have clicked the "Add to Cart" button you will be taken to the booking page for that class. Complete the relevant sections.


In this section all the following areas need to be completed for your booking/s to be processed completely without delay.

(Note: Failure to complete the following sections will result in your booking being delayed and your selection might not be available once finally completed):

- Select your required Date & Time
- Enter your Student's Surname
- Enter your Student's First Name
- Enter your Student's Year of Birth (e.g. 1995)
- Enter your Student's Swimming Stage. (This can be found by viewing the Assessment of Ability.)


Once the above steps have been completed, click the "Add to Cart" button.


You have now arrived at "Your Cart".

In this area you have the option to remove the booking if you have made an error. If you remove the booking you will be required to complete Steps 1 & 2 again.

(Note: If you need to make a booking for additional students click the "Continue Shopping" link beneath your order and repeat Step 1 & 2).

Once you have finished your booking/s you can proceed to the checkout by clicking the "Proceed to Checkout" button, and prepare to pay for your booking.


When you arrive at the checkout you will be required to finalise and pay for your booking.

Before proceeding, check your Order Summary is correct, check your Billing Information is correct.

To pay via PayPal, please read the notes and accept the Terms and Conditions by checking the box. Then click the 'Place Order' button.

You will then be taken to the PayPal website where you can either pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or your PayPal account.

Select your desired option and follow the prompts.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once your payment has been received, you will be given the option to return to the Southern Cross-Swimstruct site. You need to return to complete your booking. Failure to do so will result in Southern Cross-Swimstruct not being notified about your booking and your selected time may no longer be available to you as requested in your initial booking.

If you have difficulty with any of the above, contact us.